In the News - Lightboards, One Button Studies, and More!

Unlock your potential with the power of simplicity in the LITE Center at Fordham University 

Fordham University prioritizes high-quality content - they showed this by investing in a tool to help faculty, staff, and students do just that! Per the article, "the One-Button Studio simplifies the recording process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating amazing content." Read more about it here.

"Your place to livestream and produce polished videos" at Iowa State University

New tools are available on the Iowa State University campus. In the words of the article author, "Studio 2B is the perfect place for faculty, staff, and students to capture lectures for online offerings, give research presentations, provide grant updates, create Open Educational Resources, and more." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Located in the Parks Library (university-wide library), ISU will be leveraging the One Button Studio, Pro and the 66" Lightboard Height Adjustable Studio Package from Revolution Lightboards. Check out the entire article here!

Using the One Button Studio Pro at Iowa State University Parks Library.

Preparing "tomorrow's entrepreneurs" at Eastern Carolina University

The East Carolina University Miller School of Entrepreneurship is building future business leaders by developing impactful spaces at Crisp Small Business Resource Center and Isley Innovation Hub. As a part of the initiative, the College of Business has given its students an easy-to-use tool for practicing delivery, presentation skills, etc., by adding a One Button Studio from Revolution. Learn more here!

The Isley Innovation Hub is the premier place on campus where entrepreneurship and opportunities collide. Here, the ECU community will have the space to gather, create, validate and ignite their entrepreneurial ideas.

Best Online MBA in Europe

The Warwick Business School's Distance Learning MBA has been ranked as the top online MBA program in Europe. As course co-director Mo Moeini mentions, “We take great pride in the commitment, diligence, and resilience that provide top-tier learning experiences for our students."  WBS leverages a lightboard studio from Revolution Lightboard to create more dynamic teaching content. Read the full article here.

Parker Media Lab at UNH

The Parker Media Lab (PML) is an interdisciplinary audio and visual self-service recording space located in the Dimond Library at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The PML was designed to support the creation of professional, academically-focused content and is available for use by any  student, staff, or faculty member. Read more here!

"The Perfect Tool To Use"

Carl Sandburg College is leveraging a lightboard studio in unique, forward-thinking ways. Lisa Walker, art instructor at CSC utilized the lightboard studio for exploring 2D drawings with in-person and online students, citing that "the lightboard was the perfect tool to use." Continue to follow along on Twitter!

"Much Better Than a Voice-Over Powerpoint"

Due to the immediate interest by faculty, two lightboard studio solutions were purchased and installed at Providence College. An assistant professor of physics at the college, Lynne M Lawson has used the studios to create over 50 videos. These videos are available for students to review ahead of class time, effectively starting towards flipping her classes. Read the full article here.

Classroom ‘Light’ at Wittenberg

"Jacob Durmis, [Wittenberg class of 2023] physics major and education minor, investigated the impact of lightboard usage by teachers on student learning. He invited faculty to a presentation of his findings titled “Lightboards for Learning Initiative” and started to build support for his project, prompting Peters to make it into a grant proposal to the State Library of Ohio Board."

Read more about how Jacob helped lead the way to securing funding for a lightboard studio.

Lightboards in Ireland! 

The team University College Dublin identified a need from academic colleagues for a technology to capture hand written content while retaining student engagement in the classroom. This was of particular importance to those academics from quantitative disciplines, such as accountancy, finance and MIS, who created a lot of hand transcribed content for students in the classroom. In addition, some staff in these subject areas wanted an easy way to create recorded content that could be delivered asynchronously to students and consumed in a self-paced manner. UCD found their solution with Revolution!

Check out the full showcase, hosted on the UCD website. You can also see an example of the lightboard in use by Dr. Jamie O'Neill.


The Lightboard Studio @ NIU

The Northern Illinois University Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning continues to add to its portfolio of educational technology tools for faculty and staff at NIU. The addition of the lightboard gives its users the ability to use an engaging writing surface with never turning their back on their audience. Read the full announcement here.

Studio Options at Appalachian State

Given the parameters and current environment of higher education, Appalachian State University has prioritized helping professors find efficient ways to present lectures and complex issues. The instructional design quickly turned to the efficiency and engagement of creating content using lightboard studios from Revolution. The 4 separate lightboard studios installed on their campus allow "the presenter to be united with the content they are presenting in a way that not even traditional face-to-face presentations can match." We couldn't agree more! Check out the full page here.

Multimedia Studio at UTEP

When Glen Kelley at UTEP reached out to us early on in his initiative of creating a dynamic multimedia studio, we emphasized to him that while it is important to add tools that are high-performing and functionable, it has to remain simple to use. Our lightboard fits nicely in his studio, with each station featuring PTZ cameras and automatic lighting. Glen followed up with us after the project completed and said, "We could not have successfully completed it without your input and advice!" Read the full story here

Lightboard Use at MIT

Inside Higher Ed is an online publication that focuses on developments and news in colleges and higher education. They posted an article about strategies and concepts that will stick around once classes resume face-to-face. They interviewed 30+ MIT faculty members. The lightboard studio was listed as a tool used to successfully capture and hold students' attention. The faculty member was quoted that they were "scared of going back to using the [white/chalk]board.” Read more at Inside Higher Ed. 

One Button Studio at the University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota saw value in creating a space for students to record high-quality videos for assignments, speeches, etc. They debuted the studio recently in the Grand Forks Herald - read the full article here. They designed their studio space around the concept originally created by Penn State University - read more about that here. 

Digital Annotation or Lightboard Video?

We oftentimes get asked, how does a lightboard video compare to other forms of content presentation? Some other methods are voice over PowerPoint, digital annotation, etc. Fresno State does a side-by-side comparison - digital annotation (no instructor in view) vs. lightboard - read about it here. Which one would you prefer if you were the student!?

Check out another example of digital annotation

World of Edcraft - Talking Head, Lightboard, and More!

Brian Steves (U Tenn), Sean Williems (U Tenn), and Andrew Lo (MIT) came together to create “World of Edcraft: Challenges and Opportunities in Synchronous Online Teaching.” In their opinion, there are four key elements that can help transform instructors’ online content into more attention-grabbing presentations: an engaging storyline, continuous flow of action, two-way communication, and high production values. Willems leverages a 95" lightboard studio to deliver his engaging material. Read more about their learnings here.

Organic Chemistry Lightboard Material at Notre Dame

Professor Parise at Notre Dame has spent years leveraging a lightboard to create evergreen videos to help his organic chemistry students. He creates "videos that summarize and provide examples of concepts in organic chemistry that would be difficult to work through in a single class." When it comes to challenging subjects like organic chemistry, supplemental materials can be incredibly helpful. Read more about Professor Parise and his recent award here. 

Innovative Tech at Blue Ridge Community College

Blue Ridge Community College believes in continuing to innovate to reach its students in the best way possible. In the words of Jack Igelman from Blue Ridge, "community colleges should be on the front line of technological innovation in the classroom." A lightboard studio from Revolution Lightboards can help with that goal! Read the full story here.


Teaching Identification of Cause and Effect Relationships in Texts

Common uses of the lightboard are for the subjects that utilize formulas, numbers, figures, etc. such as math, physics, and science. Less commonly thought of is language - this can be great subject to explain using the lightboard due to its engaging and visual manner. The Iowa Reading Research Center recognized that the lightboard had the visual dynamics that they were looking for in a tool to roll out video content with. Watch as they use the board to help others teach identification of cause and effect relationships and more!

Joliet Junior College Classroom Innovation

In the words of Joliet Junior College (JJC) media technician Matthew Walusek, "the lightboard was an obvious choice for JJC’s efforts in online instruction.” JCC wanted to elevate the quality of their virtual learning to give their students an overall better experience. Read the full story here.


Best Solution for the Space and Budget

Elaine Regier at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City set out to maximize her allotted space and budget, to bring the best tools she could to her team members. As stated in the article, "OSU-OKC is doing everything possible to improve the experience and ease the stress they feel." We worked closely with Elaine and designed the the best solution with her available space. We are excited of what is to come for OSU-OKC in that space. Read the full story here!

Lightboards in Costa Rica!

The University of Costa Rica acknowledged the difficulty of reaching students and engaging their attention during the pandemic. Because of this, they made the investment in lightboard studios a priority. UCR saw value in eye contact, to help bridge the gap that is caused by the lack of face-to-face instruction. Read more about their initiative here.