Our Team

Revolution Lightboards is the premier manufacturer and provider of lightboards and self-service, turnkey video studio solutions. Our studios feature dynamic tools like a lightboard, a green screen, digital annotation, and more! As a pioneer in the industry (in business since 2014), our products help you draw clearer connections beyond the classroom or conference room by equipping you with the tools to create natural, immersive presentations.

We manufacture our products at our facility in Farley, Iowa and ship to customers around the world. From sales to manufacturing, we are passionate about over-performing on timelines, exceeding customer quality expectations, and continuously improving. We have a diverse background of experience and skills that allow us to continue to innovate and continue to solve problems for our customers. Here is part of our team at a community function:

Our Core

  • Seek to Understand. Then to be Understood. The voice of the customer is what drives where our business goes, just like any good business.

  • Be Helpful. We have no interest in pushing product that our customers do not need. We are interested in solving relevant issues and fulfilling needs. 

  • Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone. This is our approach. Everyone is busy, so we do our best to be efficient in all of our activities, especially with customers' time. We'll still be here if you need us.

  • Keep it Simple. We care about the entire experience of our customers - down to the last nut and bolt. We stress about all the details so you don't need to.

Our Story

The lightboard was conceptualized and created by Northwestern University engineering professor Michael Peshkin. Always one to go above and beyond conventional instruction methods, Dr. Peshkin was looking for a more engaging means of creating video lectures when he created the first lightboard. Upon seeing the results, he created a website to share the details of his system and plans openly with others around the world. See these open-source plans and use instructions at http://lightboard.info/ Join the lightboard users forum at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lightboard.

Kevin Koch, a Northwestern engineering alum and former student of Dr. Peshkin’s read about the first lightboard in a newsletter and reached out to see if he could support the effort in some way. The initial hurdle was to develop a lightboard frame that could be easily shipped and assembled to expand lightboard adoption. Lightboard builders around the country (and world) loved the resulting frames and soon additional kits were developed to streamline all the components required to build a DIY lightboard. Demand for additional features, products, and complete professional systems led to the full family of video products and systems you see today. Our offerings continue to grow to meet the needs of discerning users around the world!

Our Impact

We truly want to be helpful and bring value - in everything we do, including with our products. Our products directly impact not only our customers, but also their customers. Don't believe us? Hear it directly from our customers:


Our Offering

Our products are:

  • Shipped fast to get you started quickly.
  • Built tough to withstand professional use. 
  • Quick & easy to assemble.
  • Spanning a full range of sizes from small table top lightboards to large free-standing height adjustable studio packages.

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