Manage Cost - Maintain Effectiveness

Traditional training sessions and presentations in the corporate environment are often bound by physical location or expensive video production costs. What if you had a more efficient (and personable) way to connect with your customers and colleagues around the world, without the time and expense of travel?

Create internal evergreen videos for employee onboarding and important training topics. Either record them once and add them to your library, or conduct live sessions for remote teams and distributed workforces. Revolution Lightboards have been used by corporations, consultants, and governments to conduct a wide range of not only business operations but specifically live/recorded training - all without the expense, time, and challenges of traveling.

Given the speed and ease of creating lightboard videos, business presentations can be created and even updated quickly. Leverage employee feedback for continuous improvement and evolution of training on critical topics as needed.

(Using Revolution's Tabletop and Office Package, Keith Weightman of Bullhorn joins us on Zoom to describe the 4 primary learning styles using the VARK acronym.)

Extend Your Reach

Are you an expert in your business field? Do you travel to businesses and speak full-time, to educate, train, and inspire their teams to tackle their biggest goals?

The lightboard can be used to reach another set of clients that haven’t even met you yet, as videos can travel faster than a human being can. The West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and Whitney Lee are experts in their respective fields and were looking for another way to connect with their clients.

See them in action below!