One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable

  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable
  • One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable

One Button Studio Pro Package, Height-Adjustable


Professional-grade quality video made simple. Height adjustability offers improved accessibility.

If you are looking to create a space that allows team members, educators, or students to create or stream professional-grade quality engaging videos with ease, a One Button Studio from Revolution is the solution you are searching for.

Turn any room into a self-service recording studio.

Our Pro One Button Studio package is our top-tier, fully integrated system loaded with broadcast-quality equipment and features. This system includes professional support to ensure you are up and running quickly.


  • Easy Startup & Shutdown - One button push starts up the entire studio, ready to record in seconds. One button shuts down the entire studio. 
  • One-button recording -Start and stop recording with just the press of one button! Recordings are immediately ready for review.
  • Easy to useno video recording experience required to use. Just a passion for educating.
  • Height-adjustable -with the press of a button, adjust for any user to accommodate presenting while seated or standing at any height. No need to adjust the camera - it raises and lowers with the rest of the studio!
  • Accessible - purpose-built studio with design elements and dimensions based on ADA compliance standards and guidelines.
  • Network Login Compatible - implement your preferred IT configuration and profiles on our studio computer, allowing for smooth user workflow use and file routing, including network logins, single sign on and more 
  • Highest-quality video - captured by a 4K broadcast-grade camera, the system produces Full HD (1080p) videos that are recorded to a USB drive as an MP4 file for universal compatibility or available to record directly into your preferred Content / Learning Management System (CMS / LMS).
  • Virtual backgrounds - Instantaneous, high-quality virtual backgrounds via chroma key.
  • Real-time graphics insertion - Our patented Control Center™ technology allows users to easily add content from PowerPoint, an internet browser and more in real time for fast, dynamic presentations. 
  • Multiple presentation options - choose from multiple layout options including overlay and picture-in-picture options on the touchscreen interface. 
  • Dual displays - confidence monitor shows the presenter exactly what is being recorded in real-time for quick reference and confidence when recording. Flex monitor can be used to show live video conference participants, presenter notes and much more. Drag-and-drop images, videos, etc from the PC.
  • Teleprompter - read a prepared script, high-level bullet points, or live call participants while maintaining critical eye contact with the camera. Teleprompter displays the same image as the flex monitor so the presenter is easily in control of displaying any desired content.
  • Real-time video production - All desired effects are implemented live, no post-production or video editing is needed.
  • Go live - use the studio for live synchronous classes or conversations. Send the studio output video to your viewers on your preferred video conferencing platform of choice: Zoom, Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Fast file transfer - within seconds, transfer recorded video files directly to studio computer, laptop, cloud storage, learning management system, or other preferred locations.
  • Mobile - the entire studio (minus lights and backdrop) is on 4 wheels, making deployment a quick task. It features a collapsible design to make it even easier to move.
  • Auxiliary/Laptop In - BYOD! A user is able to bring their own laptop and use it as the overlay source just by plugging in an HDMI cable. Consider adding an Adjustable Laptop Tray to increase your workspace.
  • Compatible with Digital Annotation - draw, annotate, and engage with the content shown on the confidence monitors. Consider adding the Digital Annotation Add-on.

Studio Includes:

  • Broadcast grade video camera + dual displays + studio controller for instant feedback, giving the presenter confidence
  • Professional Sennheiser microphone
  • Acoustic treatment panels (6) absorb audio reflections to greatly reduce audible reverberations in the studio. 
  • Integrated Windows computer, pre-configured to use within minutes of initial setup. 
  • Custom video production equipment with multiple scene options and real-time scene switching with just the press of a button. Backgrounds can be customized for each customer's preferences and branding. No licensing fees are ever required over the life of the unit. 
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse
  • Height adjustable table keeps the keyboard, mouse, controller and any notes within reach of the presenter. 
  • Production-grade video lighting - adjustable from 2800 - 6500K color temperature to match existing room lights. Recommended room lighting: diffused ceiling lighting giving approximately 500 lux or higher (matches industry recommendations for office lighting)
  • One-touch power controller
  • Complete chroma key backdrop and real-time image processing system for simple and robust image creation. 
  • System is 95% pre-assembled, for initial set-up in about 4 hours. Uncrate, mount and connect camera & teleprompter, mount microphone, set up backdrop and lights, mount acoustic panels.
  • Consider adding Digital Annotation and/or an Automated Recording Sign to your studio as well!

Required Room specs:

  • Recommended minimum room size: 10D’ x 8’W.
  • Clear and flat wall is required for backdrop (8ft minimum width)
  • Normal room lighting is acceptable.
  • Grid ceiling highly recommended.

Logistics and Installation:

  • 1 week typical lead time.
  • System ships via freight in a fully enclosed crate.
  • Studio can use 120V or 220-240V AC power for customers outside the US and Canada.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 1 year of free tech support from our team in the United States.
  • Contact Revolution about professional installation.


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