All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")

  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")
  • All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")

All-in-One Mobile Studio Package (45")


This complete studio package includes the 45" lightboard, a high performance Windows computer and integrated video processing technology for easy video recording and streaming in a variety of formats. All components are integrated into a single height-adjustable unit, that moves easily on 4 wheels (backdrops managed separately). Slide-out camera and monitor frame allow going from completely set-up to storage ready in a matter of seconds!

Package Functionalities:

  • Features the latest patent pending Lightboard Control Center™ streamlined FHD 1080p workflow, which allows you to:
    • Live stream video to any video conference software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, Skype, etc.
    • Operate as a self-service video production studio with One Button recording
    • Add and interact with image and video overlays
  • All studio equipment is integrated for easy startup and shutdown of the entire studio with the press of one button - begin recording in seconds!
  • Instant video recording controls at the touch of a button.
  • Integrated technology does real-time left-right flip of video image-no need to write backwards!
  • Dual displays function as:
    • Confidence monitor (right side) showing a presenter the precise product of the studio in real time. Reference this display to interact with overlay images or slides. 
    • Flex monitor (left side) Live video conference participants, presentation notes and more-anything you want within view. 
  • Laptop In - BYOD! A user is able to bring their own laptop and use as the overlay source just by plugging in an HDMI. Consider adding an Adjustable Laptop Tray to increase your workspace.
  • System is 95% pre-assembled, for initial set-up in about 20 minutes. Uncrate, mount camera, plug 2 cords into camera. 
  • Consider adding the Automated Recording Sign to your studio as well!

Package Includes:

  • 45” Height Adjustable Lightboard with integrated presenter lighting
  • 4K camcorder with polarizing filter
  • Integrated high performance Windows PC, wireless keyboard and mouse. 
  • Integrated video processing equipment for real time production; no need for post-production video editing 
  • LCD mode and recording controller
  • Two 27" displays
  • Integrated slide-out frame for camera and dual displays, enables easy transport and storage
  • Microphone system
  • One touch power controller
  • (2) backdrop stands, (2) black backdrops
  • Four sets of markers
  • Glass cleaning kit

Lightboard specs:

  • Use lightboard while sitting or standing. Touch of a button adjustment range: 27" to 53" at desktop, 55" to 81at top of lightboard.
  • Lightboard working area of 45" diagonal (39"W x 22"H, 16:9 ratio)
  • Dimmable glass illumination lights.
  • Integrated, dimmable presenter-facing lights evenly illuminate the presenter to simplify studio setup. 
  • Tough and scratch resistant ultra-clear glass meets ASTM C1048.
  • Overall system dimensions at the low height limit and in storage position: 32"W,  60"L and 55"H. Width when monitors and camera are extended: 48"
  • When collapsed, the entire system can travel through typical 36" commercial doorways. *If required, minor components can be temporarily removed to clear doorways as narrow as 30". 
  • Locking casters for portability.
  • Lightboard ships pre-assembled with only the camera and microphone removed for transit. 

Logistics and Installation:

  • Recommended minimum room size: 7’D x 5.5’W.
  • Full studio initial setup in approximately 2 hours. Main unit can then be stored or deployed in about 5 minutes if using in a shared space.
  • Lightboard and equipment use 120V AC power. Alternative voltage configurations are available for customers outside the US and Canada.
  • 2 year warranty on lightboard, manufacturer warranties on studio electronics.
  • Package ships via truck in a fully enclosed crate.
  • 1 week typical lead time.
  • Contact Revolution about professional installation.