What is the Extron Studio Station?

Extron Studio Station

Extron makes a wide range of commercial A/V equipment which can be found in many universities, including the University of Iowa. The Extron Studio Station was designed to offer the video recording and lighting control functions of the Penn State OBS approach in a commercial solution.  The Studio Station is a standalone solution; it does not require an additional computer. It consists of three main components - the Studio Station module itself that does the capture and encoding; an AC Power/Device controller to trigger power to the lights and camera; and a remote control panel that serves as the user interface for USB drive insertion and start/stop. Find more details for this system here.

Revolution One Button Studios Revolution Lightboards Studios already contain the functions of power and recording control, plus much more all at the touch of a button while the presenter is in the presenting position. While any of our solutions could be integrated with an Extron Studio Station, that would bring a notable cost increase and a reduction in features. Please contact us if you are considering this option and would like to discuss the details further.