One Button Studio from Revolution

Professional video made easy

No development time. 

No cumbersome workflow. 

No user learning curve. 


Introducing the Revolution

One Button Studio



Allow your faculty and team members to focus on the professional delivery of their message.


Operation couldn't be simpler!

How to Use:

  • Walk into the room.
  • Press One Button for the room to power on.
  • Press the record One Button.
  • Wow your audience.
  • Complete & take your file to its new home!

Key Features:

  • Auto-power on and ready to record
  • User-friendly interface to select presentation style and control recording
  • Instant feedback via the confidence monitor
  • Image, slide, and application insertion into a presentation with proprietary drag and drop technology. 
  • Display notes, call participants, and more on the left monitor. 
  • Use to present asynchronously, synchronously at a distance, in-person, or all three!
  • No video experience required for use!


More Features:

  • All components are enclosed and secured in a professional equipment cabinet that is pre-configured and ready-to-roll. The entire studio is powered by one outlet.
  • All equipment is pre-configured and assembled in the U.S.A. 
  • Designed for quick and easy installation by customer-provided team members. Minimal video experience required for set-up.
  • Typical install time: 2 hours with a team of two. 
  • Easily integrates with Revolution Lightboards.






What is needed from you:

  • A room that is 8' x 10' at a minimum.
  • At least one outlet (120V and 240V versions are available).
  • No live staffing is needed with this investment! Only periodic check-ups are recommended.


Who can leverage this system?

  • Colleges & universities
  • High schools & secondary schools
  • Businesses of any size
  • Content creators
  • Medical practices & hospitals
  • Telemedicine providers
  • Nonprofits


Considering Building your Own One Button Studio?

Penn State University started a movement to simplify video recording and shared their resulting plan with the world. Many colleges followed along, validating the interest, but uncovering lingering issues with that plan. Team Revolution has spent thousands of hours to develop the next generation of turnkey solutions.

Read more about the often overlooked considerations of building a basic one button studio yourself, including feedback from others who have! We're confident you'll see the tremendous value of the turnkey systems we build!

We specialize in solutions that prevent others from having to piecemeal together a system, taking months or even years to launch. If needed, we would be happy to customize this studio to meet your needs. We can integrate a pen tablet, lightboard, document camera and more. 

If you are responsible for helping a group of faculty or employees create better video lessons and content, look no further. 

Find out more about the One Button Studio from Revolution on the product page!