Wardrobe Considerations for Lightboard Presenters - What to Wear!

Revolution Lightboards are excellent tools for grabbing the attention of audiences and for allowing the content to be front and center while feeling organic and handcrafted. While presenting it is important to keep the message clear and to direct audience attention to what’s most important— in the case of using the lightboard, attention should be mainly on the written content on the board and on the presenter’s face.

To ensure that the markings are legible and clear, it is recommended to wear solid colors or tops with very simple patterns. Additionally, wearing darker colors will help the bright fluorescent ink to stand out while directing attention to the presenter’s face. Busy patterns or bright colors will make markings difficult to interpret and will distract from the lesson content.

Another wardrobe choice to avoid is clothing with logos, words, and images. Since the video signal is flipped horizontally when using Revolution Lightboards, any images on your clothing will be flipped as well. Logos, name tags, and words will appear backwards, causing a distraction from your presentation.

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