Extend Your Reach

Traditional training sessions and presentations in the corporate environment are often bound by physical location or expensive video production costs. What if you had a more efficient (and personable) way to connect with your customers and colleagues around the world, without the time and expense of travel. 

Content Marketing

Explain your products & services, create tutorials and how-to guides to share your expertise and build an audience through video.

Live Visual Conferencing

Conduct distant meetings with more than hand-waiving or turning away from your audience to write on a whiteboard. Face-to-face interaction with the immediacy and engagement of hand-written figures and notes draws distant conversations close.


Create internal evergreen videos for employee onboarding and other important training activities. Either record them once and add them to your library, or conduct live sessions for remote teams and distributed workforces.

See a Business Case Study

Check out this other great lightboard example from VMware: